About the Arranger

Christine Indech


I’ve been playing music since the age of 7. I was one of the last many-year piano students of Alice Beldon, taught, herself, by a student of Ignace Paderewski. Her love of Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, and Chopin was passed to me, along with multiple volumes of her own yellowed music that I loved to explore.

Public schools exposed me to the flute from the age of 9, and I played flute in school bands throughout my education. Piano lessons continued into college at Brown, and some chamber performances on piano into my graduate years. Both instruments were mostly idle during my career in medicine, since retired. I have been playing flute with the Atlanta Flute Ensemble, led by Kathy Farmer, since 2002.


From Decades of performance 

Flute Ensemble ignited a desire to arrange some wonderful music by my favorite composers to be played by just flutes – that type of woodwind ensemble not existing in their time. I am not a purist, so my arrangements are respectful of what I think the composer was intending, but I do alter key signatures, and harmony or melody placement may be in different registers. Sometimes secondary themes are shortened and repeats left out. Ornamentation or cadenzas may be modified. My goal is a wonderful classic from piano or chamber literature expressed in a fresh way for flutes together. 

Over my 15 years as an Atlanta Flute Ensemble member, these pieces have been put together, practiced, adjusted as needed, and performed around metro Atlanta at non-profit venues.