Canzone d’amore



CANZONE d’AMORE –  a set of 5 classic Italian love songs, sung by opera luminaries Pavarotti and Bartoli, were all written in the 1700’s and are arranged here for flute ensemble. They are lush and romantic, and stylistically complementary to each other. All five include three C-flute parts, alto flute, bass flute and bass 2 or contrabass.




Original works are A. CALDARA’s  Alma del Core,  G. GIORDANI’s Caro Mio Ben,  G. PAISELLO’s  Nel Cor piu non mi Sento,  TORRELLI’s Tu Lo Sai,  and BONONCINI’s Per la Gloria Adoravi. The Paisello adds a piccolo intermittently to one flute part.

Paiselli’s song was the inspiration for several following composers, including Beethoven, whose Six Variations for piano followed this sweet theme closely.  Bonancini’s theme from “Griselda” is joyful and exuberant, and comes from an opera with a happy ending to all the drama. Torelli’s wistfully lovely work adds complex harmonies to the melodic framework.

The tempo markings follow some great performances. Pavarotti positively charged through the Caldara and Bononcini, but lingered over the yearning Giordani. His tempo was observed for these and the Paisello. Maria Bartoli’s heart melting rendition of the Torelli was the tempo source for it.

Short pieces all, these are available as a set.

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Alto, Bass 1, Bass 2, Contrabass, Flute 1, Flute 2, Flute 3, Conductor


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