Rachmaninoff – Song 6



Rachmaninoff’s Song #6 is moody and dramatic with interesting harmonies. There are some passages that have jazzy dissonances, although all eventually resolve.

Song #6 is rhythmically a lot easier than #4, again with drama and evolving harmony. The low running 16th’s would be difficult for single players, so are divided between Alto 1 and 2, and Bass 1 and 2, for already- parceled- out breaths where it would not otherwise be obvious. Piccolo always has the high melody, and Flute 1 is often a harmony part, until the melody drops down. One piccolo is always needed, possibly 2, unusual for what I usually arrange! The suggested tempo is actually quarter note =72, but more do-able in the 60’s. Cadenza format at the end requires careful counting to one’



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Alto 1, Alto 2, Bass 1, Bass 2, Contrabass, Flute 1, Flute 2, Flute 3, Piccolo, Conductor


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